Data Analysis with Excel

Learn Data Analysis 

With Excel Certification

In the Data Analysis with excel Certification, you’ll gain proficiency with the essentials of data Analysis with Excel. you’ll know how to Use Spreadsheet Function to Organize Data, Data filtering capabilities of Excel, the construction of Pivot Tables and Lots More.

Why Take This Course?

This course is intended to give you a fundamental understanding of Excel spreadsheets for Data Analysis. It covers a portion of the initial steps for working with spreadsheets and their use during the time spent dissecting information. It incorporates a lot of recordings, demos, and models for you to learn, trailed by bit by bit guidelines for you to apply and rehearse on a live spreadsheet.

You Will Learn By Working On Practical Projects

There are numerous ways of

analyzing data with Excel.

By finishing these tasks, you will

show that you have a piece of

 decent knowledge of data analysis 

with Excel.Finish them all to guarantee your Data Analysis with Excel Certification. 

What You’ll Learn In This Course:

Data Science

In this Course, you will learn  how to prepare data for examination, including purging and controlling the information to perform progressed data analysis.

Ms Excel

In this Course, you learn Excel capabilities and also gain an  immense knowledge on how to analyze a data utilizing strong convenient and quick excel tools.


You will learn how to calculate,  analyze and store data in a plain form. you will be able to adjust any wrongly put value and notice the consequences for determined value.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is a course of assessing, purifying, changing and demonstrating information determined to find valuable data, illuminating ends and supporting independent direction.

Pivot Table

In this course, you will be able, to sum up, sort, redesign, bunch, count, aggregate or average data in a table and also be able to change sections between rows and columns.

 Other Amazing Techniques

Finally, You will be able to

 learn other amazing techniques

 for assessing, purifying,

 changing and demonstrating information determined to find valuable data.

TODAY’S PRICE: ₦100,000 

By the end of this special course, You will be able to describe Excel data acquisition and analysis techniques, analyze Excel data using a dataset and also understand advanced graphing and charts.

Testimonies From Some Of Our Previous Students:

P.S: The price of the course  mentorship is 

                        ₦100,000 right now as we speak. 

But, will it  remain forever?


The price will surely go up.

can even come back a few minutes later and the price would have been updated to N150,000.

So, as demand for the course goes up, trust us,  we will gradually increase the               price.


If you take advantage of this limited time offer, you will have full access to the following bonuses and plenty more. 

Free Access To Premium Tools

You will gain FREE access to all the tools (softwares) and other resources worth over $1,000 will be provided to fast-track your learning and projects. 

Earn A Recognized Certificate

Our Certificates are recognized by employers and recruiters. When you finish this course and complete the hands-on projects, you’ll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

FREE 90 Days After Training Mentorship

You will gain FREE 90 Days access to our experts for project guidance and advice to strengthen your understanding of the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is This Course So Cheap?

We thrive from the feeling of helping people succeed NOT a HUGE bank balance! We care about your development and success and because of this, We are giving you access to some of the best content you will find online.

Why Does The Course Start?

Once you signup, You’ll be added to a member’s only community…specifically for this class … And also connected to an Expert Instructors & Mentors.

 How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to your instructor, mentor and the resources for this course.

What Are The Requirements For Taking This Course?

Absolutely no experience is required, anyone can learn to become a Data Analyst with our simple method of teaching using a PC (Laptop & Desktop) with a good internet connection.  All Other Tools Will Be Provided To You For FREE.

What Do Data Analyst Do?

A data analyst gathers, cleans, and deciphers informational indexes to address an inquiry or take care of an issue. They can work in numerous ventures, including business, finance, law enforcement, science, medication, and government..

What Much Does Data Analyst Earn?

The average salary for a data analyst in US is $65,497 per year in the United States and $2,750 cash bonus per year.



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