Coding & Digital Skills Classes For Kids

For Age 6-18

Coding is the language in which the success stories 

of the future will be written.

Supercharge Your Child's Potential with Classes that are designed to teach your Child coding and digital skills that will help them thrive at school and beyond.

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Why Parents Choose Coding

Paths for Their Kids?

It's the Future

In this age, an increasing number of businesses rely on automating tasks using computer codes, learning a tech skill will set your child up to have a very bright future, and they'll have fun too.

It Improves Performance

Coding reinforces problem-solving and persistence. Coding can help to improve math skills. In fact, students who learn to code are more likely to have an increase in their overall academic performance! 

It Fosters Creativity

Coding is a fantastic way for a child to create things from scratch and it helps help them to develop their creativity. Seeing something they created come to life is a great motivator to keep learning. 


Funmi Adegoke I've always thought Tech and Coding is for people with background in computer science, SkillBoost Africa changed everything for me and my child. He's now a young coder. He codes websites, apps and games. The Instructors are  extremely very good. 


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Eze Okechukwu Our experience with SkillBoost has been a extremely remarkable over 2 years. We recommend SkillBoost Africa very highly. Enrolling our kids for their classes is simply one of the best things we've done for our children..

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