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Supercharge Your Child's Potential with Classes that are designed to teach your Child computer and programming skills that will help them thrive at school and beyond.
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Why Enroll Your Child?

Computers are now a fundamental part of our lives (school activities, work, etc) making people with computer skills very attractive to opportunities.

This training will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to get comfortable with computers, including vital skills such as typing, using Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, processing emails, and much more.

Why Parents Enroll Their Kids?

It's the Future

In this age, an increasing number of businesses rely on automating tasks using computer, learning a tech skill will set your child up to have a very bright future, and they'll have fun too.

It Improves Academic Performance

Computer Skills such as coding reinforces problem-solving and persistence. Coding can help to improve math skills. In fact, students who learn to code are more likely to have an increase in their overall academic performance! 

It Fosters Creativity

Having a computer skills is a fantastic way for a child to create things from scratch and it helps help them to develop their creativity. Seeing something they created come to life is a great motivator to keep learning. 

What They Will Learn:

In this course, you will learn basic computer Skills. We will hold you by the hand and show you Practically The Following:

In this section, we will cover the fundamentals of computers, including their basic parts and components, their capabilities, and their importance. You’ll be able to identify different parts of the computer system and recognize their functions and characteristics.


In this module, you will learn to use the most popular Word Processing tool, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You will learn various techniques to creating dynamic layouts, preparing documents, data, presentation effectively using Microsoft Office Suite.

This unit is designed to provide a basic understanding of the internet and its components. They will be able to apply acquired knowledge in the use of search engines, web browsers, email, teleconferencing apps, social media, networking etc.
In this module, we will work them through how to use Scratch programming language to create their own own interactive stories, games, and animations.

In this module, we will introduce you to Artificial Intelligence tools for problem solving. You will learn how learn how to use AI tools for content generations, creative designs, etc.

Training Details


Date: 17th - 28th April, 2023.


Venue 1: SkillBoost Limited: Fonte House, 1 Temple Ejekwu Close, First Artillery Junction, Aba Road, Port Harcourt.
Venue 2: SILC Auditorium: 183 Rukpokwu-Eneka Road beside RCCG Chapel of Love, Eneka Port Harcourt.

Training Fee

Promo*: Pay N10,000 Instead of N25,000



99% of our previous students rated us 5 stars.
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Felix Nwaokolo
Felix Nwaokolo
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My first impression was that it was too cheap to be real, took my chance and not regretting anything about it. Great value indeed.
Princejack Zoe
Princejack Zoe
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I must confess that this is the platform for learning. They're real and transparent. You get 10 times the value of your money.
Dawodu Abayomi
Dawodu Abayomi
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Skillboost Limited is a top-notch company. The best and number one. My experiences with Skillboost Limited so far has been tremendous and smooth. I recommend them 100% for all who seek for services concerning their business scope.
Richard Ekun
Richard Ekun
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Skillboost is indeed skill booster. Their mode of teaching is top notch and world-class. Always ditching out valuable contents. If you're looking for a place to get value for your learning investment, look no further, Skillboost is the place. If there is another star after 5 stars I would gladly give it.
Augustine Otobo
Augustine Otobo
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SkillBoost Training programs are one of the very best I have come across over the years. The Instructor is very good at what he does and has a special way of passing across Technical Information in very simple ways that makes learning easy and enjoyable even for a non Technical audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

No previous tech experience is required. We will start from absolute zero!. All we ask for is your dedication and willingness to learn. 
  • • Anyone seeking to learn Computer Skills.
  • • Students preparing for Computer Based Test/Exams (UTME, IELTS,Etc)
  • • This course is perfect for beginners. No prior knowledge is needed to begin.

We have plenty of PCs to go around for everybody. However, it also make learning more easy and interesting when you use your own PC that you are familiar with. 


This Kids Holiday Classes is scheduled to begin on the 11th of April 2023. Call us on 07030163486 and we will fill you in on all the future details.

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